Have you ever wondered if CBD could help you?  Have you ever had trouble concentrating, focusing on your tasks, sleeping at night, chronic pain, anxiety?  Read on!

CBD as we know it, is derived directly from the hemp plant which is a cousin to the marijuana plant. It is also the 2nd most prevalent of the active ingredients of medical marijuana along with hundreds of other components.  But, CBD by itself, derived from hemp contains a MUCH smaller amount of THC which is why you don't feel any psycho-active properties or "the high" when you are taking CBD.  

Studies have shown that CBD could positively influence a vast array of issues from pain relief, anxiety control and even seizures.  It does, however, react differently in everyone so its not a one size fits all.  Much of the healing properties are correlated with the bodies naturally occurring endocannabinoid system.  It works by enhancing the bodies ability to heal itself.


There are other cannabinoids present in the hemp plant in addition to CBD that demonstrate healing properties such as CBG, CBA or CBN to name a few.  See the attached chart for explanation.  

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