What Is Hemp?

Aquaponic Life Cycle
Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics to make the perfect environment for plants to grow in a nutrient rich soilless environment fertilized by fish.  The plants in turn purify the water for the fish.  The 3rd component is the very beneficial bacteria that breakdown the fish waste into components the plants can uptake. 

How do hemp & aquaponics work together?

Hemp grows very well aquaponically.  Most of the nutrients needed are found in the water.  These nutrients come from the food the fish eat so we feed them a protein rich nutrient packed fish food.  There are some nutrients plants need that are not present in the fish food in the amount the plants need it so we supplement those minerals with high quality organic products.  When growing hemp on water, we can't grow to the size or in the volume that outdoor hemp farmers can, but we make up for it by growing several harvests year round.  We also only grow to sell the flower.  We don't have the volume to sell it as biomass so we treat each plant like a queen to get the best quality bud possible. We harvest every 3 weeks and we have the capacity to grow several varieties all at one time.  Because we grow in a controlled environment, our plants are never subjected to the elements that plants grown in the field are.  Our hemp flowers or buds are usually loaded with trichomes which is what CBD (as people know it) comes from. 


From each hemp plant, we harvest the flower, dry it and cure it so that you get the best flavors.  We sell the flower as organic smokeable hemp flower in 3.5 g containers (otherwise known as 1/8th), 1 g CBD joints (individually), 0.5 g CBD joints in a 4 pack and as CBD capsule (CBD pills).  All our flower meets the legal limit of <0.3 Total THC.