About Us

We are Tim & Bonny Goodenough along with our family - Boston, Kessler, Wyndsor & Elly.  We are the 4th & 5th generation farm family that started as dairy/hog/beef and moved into a grain operation before becoming aquaponics greenhouse growers.  

It all started several years ago when commodity prices were high, grain prices were variable and mother nature was throwing us curve balls.  We started searching for a different means of farming and we just happened to stumble into aquaponics. It has made all the difference for us.  


We purchased a used greenhouse in 2014 and began assembling it in 2016.  Our original plan was to grow leafy greens as many aquaponic growers do.  We produced a variety of lettuces along with herbs and other produce such as kale, swiss chard, cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers.  We sold our products whole for several months and decided to get our processing license.  We began making a chopped mix salad and eventually moved into the retail market where we made a variety of ready to eat salads.  We sold lettuce and salads at several farmers markets, business lunches and a variety of grocery stores and restaurants.  At that time, we also got the license needed to filet and pickle our fish so we could be even more versatile.

In early 2019, we started experimenting with growing hemp and decided to make the switch to hemp entirely in late fall. 


We grow several cycles of hemp varieties simultaneously year round so we can have fresh hemp available at all times.

We harvest and sell our flower wholesale and retail along with making both joints of varying sizes and capsules.  We sell our products in many forms throughout the area and through our on-line store. 


We are working on processing our hemp into oil and our hemp roots into products that can also make a difference for you.  These will be rolling out soon!

We feel that aquaponics will be the new face of farming as it is sustainable, healthier, organic and can supply more product per acre using less water than traditional farming.  We hope you will give our products a try.  They may just work for you!

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