Swiss Chard

Multicolored stems of yellow, orange, red, pink and white with a beautiful  textured leaves.

Lollo is a very light heavily ruffled leaf with great flavor.  Perfect for accenting a sandwich or adding variety to a salad.

Summer Crisp - Muir

Muir is a light green curly leaf lettuce that is hardy and crisp and has an excellent sweet mild flavor.



Butterhead is a small leafy head lettuce that has velvety smooth leaves and excellent flavor.  Its deeper green gives a nice color contrast when mixed with other greens in a salad.


Other Produce

Dinosaur Kale​

Italian Heirloom (dinosaur kale) has a unique leaf shape and soft texture with a mild earthy flavor.

Tilapia is a clean, white bland fish.  We harvest the tilapia when they are between 1.5 -2 pounds in size.  Prior to harvest, the tilapia go through a purge process to ensure optimum flavor and the highest quality for our customers.

Tilapia - Call to reserve your fish today.  $4/lb whole weight  

At this time we do not have a processing license so you will need to pick up your fish whole and fillet yourself.  Please bring a cooler filled with ice.

**Filleting instruction available upon request